The Club that inspired a movie, The Wild One a 1953 American film, inspired by a short story written by Frank Rooney, who himself was inspired by sensationalized news coverage of a motorcycle rally in Hollister, California over the 4th of July weekend, 1947.


'Wino' Willie Forkner, Vern Autrey, 'Fat Boy' Nelson, Johnny Roccio, 'Crocker Jack' Lilly, 'Red Dog' Dahlgren, Les 'Baja' Haserot, Jim 'Tex' Hunter, 'J.D.' John Cameron, Jim 'Smiley' Cameron, George 'Herkemer' Manker and 'Little' Bobby Kelton, and many more.....

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Thinking of becoming a part of history and think you have what it takes to live up to the Boozefighters' legacy?

The Boozefighters MC is a traditional motorcycle club, not a riding club and has been around since 1946. We recently celebrated our 70th year. That means 70 years of riding, wrenching, tradition, brotherhood, and just all around Boozefighter fun.

If you're interested in more information about us or are considering getting involved in a long standing Motorcycle Club, contact us using the email address below.